Thoughts on Sexism and My Own Pervyness

So, ya know those eHarmony commercials? Specifically the one with the guy and the girl in front of the fountain, where the girl says "I vow to never wear flannel pajamas", and the guy says "can we just make that you vow to never wear pajamas?"

Well I saw that and it was all Feminist Senses Go! and I was pissy because what a jack ass that guy was and obviously this means he wants to have his way with her at all hours regardless of her willingness. And I thought about it a bit and decided I was justififed in this thinking because of the history of men being dominant over women and men having their way sexually with women however and whenever they want regardless of her willingness.

Then, later that very same night, I was watching some show, "Skins" I think, and the one super hot guy took off his shirt to make out with the other super hot guy, and I thought "if that was my boyfriend I wouldn't let him put the shirt back on." Clearly this is essentially the same thing. Yes, some variables are different, you could argue it's worse and more pervy in my situation because I don't actually know this person and in the commercials that was supposed to be a happy couple, but we're not here to address that concern.

What I've been going back and forth on in my head is this: Is it ok for me to objectify men (which I'll admit I do often, albeit not to anyone's face) because I'm a woman (and thus lack the history)? Is it wrong of me to objectify men, the same way it's wrong for men to objectify women? Or is it in fact ok for everyone to objectify everyone else to some extent because we're all human and sex is a basic function of our biology?

I'm really not sure. I'd like to think it's at least ok because I'm a chick and yay! men are yummy! But that feels so hypocritical.

Plus, when I really thought about it I realised that I am kinda a perv. I actually have a running list in my head of all the men I'd love to have in a harem if I could have a harem. Is that really weird? All those stereotypical guy fantasies? Reverse the genders and you have me. I'm like a dude. A creepy, sexist dude.


On politics and school. (Brief)

Hey ya'll! Long time no see. Sorry about that. Been a busy summer, yet surprisingly underproductive compared to what I wanted to get done. Sux, but ah well.

I'm a college student now! I'm taking classes at Naugatuck Valley Community College. Blech. Community college, I know. But what's a girl to do?

I'm also a substitute teacher. Well, I have yet to actually get a job, but that's because I only finally finished all the stuff I had to do like fingerprinting and applications and stuff today. So I'll hopefully get some work soon.

Now on to other things. OMG! The republicans! How much do they suck? Seriously? How can such a large group of people buy into this total and obvious hypocracy? I find it mind-boggling.

I was gonna rant about other stuff, like my grandma, but don't feel like it now, as it's late and I actually get up in the morning now! Wow! How weird is that, right?

See ya later.


Mah Firs consairt

The Pink Spiders were in Hamden and I weeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnt! :D

Pics here.

Videos here.

There was also a band called The Reign of Kindo. They were awesome and we bought their album. There were a couple bands that were good but not great, and there was this band, E is for Explosion, pretty typical emo fare, but the bassist and lead singer signed the album for me so we bought it. We being my sister and I.

It was fun and I wanna go back.

And the testing below, that was like the fifth time I tried to send something to lj via my cell.


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